Saturday, December 5, 2009

Walt Disney's Arrival!

Thanks for this day Walt was born! Visiting the WDF Museum again, I came to the conclusion that Walt's genius had much to do with Walt's gratitude to life: his capacity to make the most of everything that came his way, eventually re creating it. Note, for instance, the clock of Strasbourgh he discovered in France when he was still an adolescent, and its reappearance on "Its a Small World"!
Creativity makes the best of what life puts along one's path, be it beauty or suffering. Aside from the gratefulness to life of creativity in general, Walt's gratefulness was a profound and yet spontaneous coexistence with the Good! 

He saw the good in everything because he had it inside and alongside his life of struggle. He knew what forgiveness was and he knew how to forgive. He knew there was a world of Xmas beauty inside a Xmas tree and that this world can be destroyed inadvertently by 2 chipmonks but, yet, ressurrected in the forgiveness Mickey grants the two little animals. Ressurrected in that kind of love that is above everything!

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