Monday, November 22, 2010

Disney Apple

     Thanksgiving hasn't arrived yet, and there are already Santas in some malls. They stay on playing areas, abandoned to themselves, for, the kids much prefer to play in the available toys. Santa Claus, the one character that was once a Saint and revered as such, became something pathetic, replaceable and even, dare I say, disposable? Not yet disposable, but the prior step to it, which is, a tool for propaganda. The moral of the story is that greed for money took the place of magic, turned the sacred into something worse than the profane, the so called "propaganda". One doesn't know who to be sorrier for, Santa or children.
    Only someone saint-like can reconcile magic and capitalism, the profane and the sacred, like Walt Disney. What would he do, if he saw such demoralizing of Santa? One doesn't have to go that far, he would first take care of the Disney co itself needing of magic. One sees abandoned Santas and, on the other hand, children, youths and old alike teeming inside Apple stores, some with their
jaws dropped.
    Magic, if there's still some, went from something that, in its impossibility to be explained,  carried one away, to something that is exact, more than explainable (for those who want to learn it) and manipulable. Magic became "apple" power.  Like with the fall from paradise, the power of the apple dethroned innocence,
that availability to be dazzled without understanding how and why it dazzled you; without being in control!
  Very much the contrary, the power of the apple is control itself!      I, like many, make use of this power, but I regard it as a mere tool. I am still waiting for the Disney Apple, the one that, rather than a tool for something, is the "something" itself, the "it", that first "Ahhhh" one used to utter when entering, for the first time, Main Street USA. How would Walt Disney make it anew?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Disney Analysis


     The letter Walt Disney wrote Don Graham shows something very important in Disney's guidance. The analysis of many different elements is fundamental to the reaching of integrity in the acting character, that is,  unity of shae, movement, expression and action. Walt Disney seemed to know that, like in real life, maybe like with Disney's own personality, only the awareness of division can bring unity: Integrity is a conquest of reconciliation.