Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Disney Universality


                    Disney animation, a reinvention of the physical element and its laws , discloses a world in which movement only happens as an expression of the story steps and shapes equally represent this all emcompassing meaning. It shows a physical visual rendering of thought: a world impregnated with mind. Thought and sight at the same time and in the same measure, it extends one's mind in physicality, and one's body in thought, like Like the world of toddlerhood, it thus offers  an immediate and organic  prolonging of the viewer himself, appealing, therefore,  to anyone regardless of understanding, age and culture. Disney animation reverts to the common essence between what is seen, felt with the skin and lived with the heart; an essence that only infants naturally coexist with, but which is in the depths of the universal heart.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Disney Fulfilment

     Much beyond entertainment, Walt Disney fulfilled the universal need of warmth, fantasy, love and sugar: the need  of being mothered and unconditionally welcome. Disney animation is, on the whole, sheer de- powering of hostility or aggressiveness, not just from "villains', but from the environment. When aggressiveness happens in the shorts, it turns into comedy and the aggressors are either ridiculed or redeemed.  In "Raccoon Hunt",  Mickey and Pluto set off to hunt a lovely coon, and the latter, picking up Mickey's coon hat, makes it look like a baby coon, which he then rocks, moving Mickey and Pluto with is feigned maternity. Its important to notice that there is no hinting of the human like coon seeing any tragedy or cruelty neither in his using the hat to save himself, nor in Mickey's wearing something made with his own kind. Everything is both cute and comedic. When aggressiveness happens  in the feature films, the aggressors are simply vanquished. When it comes from the purely physical world,  like in "Mickey Trailer", the "stretching" of physical laws themselves allows for no character to be really hurt. Disney animation on the whole fundamentally means  a message of universal love. (Disneyssence)