Saturday, February 19, 2011

Disney Interpretations

I finally watched a talk Gabler gave in 2006, about the biography he wrote of Walt Disney.  Inasmuch as the writer gives much information on Walt, it is sad he has to use the material he learned from to fit his interpretations (or Mis-interpretations) which are in greatly part borrowed from Shickel anyway. Guess everybody knows the "control" explanation regarding the appeal of the parks and to also satisfy Walt's need for "escape". If there was anyone who looked at reality face to face in order to create everything he did, as well as to harmonize all the diversity he had under his lead, it was Walt Disney. To see, know, and handle reality was no easy feat, but no obstacle to him. I simply can't understand the impunity of attributing a mere need to escape to such person. Having control results from escaping reality, for Gabler.  Invert the equation and perhaps one corrects the misinterpretation: Having control is facing reality so as to take the step beyond: artistic freedom, letting go or, the abandonment of fantasy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disney Warrior

A warrior is someone who fights to give his best, before fighting against others,
A warrior is someone who competes to overcome himself, before trying to subdue  others,
A warrior is someone whose greatest challenge is the conquering of his own shadow, rather than the power over enemies,
A warrior is someone who sees his adversary as someone to learn from, rather than to just crush,

A warrior sees life as the ultimate challenging and, yet, the biggest reward; the most serious commitment and, yet, the greatest adventure;
A warrior is someone who, like Walt Disney, was always self-improving, instead of just asserting himself!