Friday, January 13, 2012

Disney Perfectionism

Perfectionism is integrity: the drive to reflect one's soul on what one does.
It is coherence: the wish to make the best, if one is making something at all. 
It is dignity: the effort to give the best of oneself
It is courage: the absence of self-sparing
It is mystical: the obliging of wholeness and impeccability. Like Jesus said: "Ask to be perfect, knock, and the door shall be open"
Walt Disney was always knocking, and having the door opened. That's why we have gems like "Snow White".... (Disneyssence

Friday, January 6, 2012

Disney Purity

      In the movie clip "How Walt Disney's Cartoons are Made", one can see  young Walt introducing the seven dwarfs of Snow White.
     The pride and care he describes them with transmits the innocence of a boy talking about his favorite toy, but the awe of a creator in love with his universe. The respect with which Disney holds each dwarf, pushing it to the front, as he characterizes it, his touching honesty in doing so, expresses an integrity as immaculate as that of Snow White.
       Most remarkable is how, at the two last dwarfs, he introduces Grumpy by skipping Dopey, so as to save Dopey to the very end, like a kid that keeps the “treat” for dessert.
     "And last but not least”, Disney says of Dopey,  proceeding:  "He is nice” and, looking at the camera, concludes: “ but sort of silly”.
     The smile that accompanies these last four words, contrasting with the concentration Disney characterizes the other dwarfs, like a happy-ending to the whole introduction, is finally relaxation and self-satisfaction.
     It turns the restrictiveness of “but sort of silly” into a blessing.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Disney 2012 !

Let's believe in 2012!
To make believe is to pretend one believes, To believe on purpose is to make oneself believe, To make believe is to forget rationality, to believe on purpose is to overcome it, to make believe is to buy into, to believe on purpose is to edify, to make believe is to fantasize, to believe on purpose is to discover a deeper reality, to make believe is whimsical, to believe on purpose is redeeming, to make believe is the purity of childhood, to believe on purpose is the conquest of a rebirth! Walt Disney made believe and believed on purpose!