Monday, July 28, 2008


The subtle line between fall and flight
Self-destruction and Freedom,
Courage and Recklessness,
Abandon and Control,
When abyss and sky become one,
Like in Mission: Space,
Like Walt Disney's living Life.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

From Infinity and Beyond

Beyond happy endings and uplifting story lines, the coupling of technology to fantasy by Disney was the reconciling of something totally ruled by finality, by utilitarian purpose, to a reality that is pleasure in and of itself, it was the reconciling of temporality to poetry. That the world one lived in was so prodigal to grant the wonderful results of the association of these two polarities was not just a revelation, but cumulating. It was Disney’s generosity.
(of the book "From Mars to Marceline")

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Essence and "Illusion of Life"

Disney’s “illusion of life” was life regardless of, or above reality. Its believability, like that of all art, was its supremacy over the real world. The immediacy Disney gave fiction meant, in the end, this establishing of life over everything, like a consecration of it. That is why it was sheer reassurance. With repetition, formulation and dilution of fantasy to different fiction medium in different types of entertainment, it became taken for granted. Today, with virtual reality, fiction is more immediate, more sensory invasive than life itself. But those that had it revealed by Disney, that experienced it as his original and unique screening, purifying of life, experienced life as essence. In them a seed, that forgotten or not through adulthood, was planted and could never stop taking roots. Writing about it, realizing these roots, is a rebirth.
(From the Introduction of "From Mars to Marceline")

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Above the Clouds


One of the most beautiful things John Canemaker says, in the audio comment of Snow White belonging to the platinum edition of the movie in DVD, is that when you put so much love in making a movie, like Walt and his team did, it shows on the screen. No less inspired, Canemaker concludes, as you see the prince’s castle up in the golden clouds, asserting that Snow White shows the transcendence of the human spirit. It is breath taking!