Monday, April 27, 2009

Disney Raw Strenght

The show "Fuerza Bruta" turns gravity relative, having stage as much vertical as horizontal, above the audience as well as on equal footing with it, through heavenly images. In bringing stage to such a revolutionary interaction with the audience, it is the direct descendant of Walt Disney's interaction with fantasy.
What would Walt Disney be doing today?
Perhaps he would be showing that stage can be bubbly and organic as well as technological, organic as much as artificial. He would be showing that upside down and downside up are the same, when pervaded by aesthetic appreciation. Above all, he would be showing, as he always did, that audience and stage, through the fraternal bonding springing from awe, are also one and the same.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Disneyssense is essence
Disneyssence is sensing
Disneyssence is ascension
Disneyssence is innocence
Disneyssence is sensation
Disneyssence is making sense
Disneyssence is sound and scent
Disneyssence is luminescence
Disneyssence is efervescence
Disneyssence is incandescense
Disneyssence is...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney's Otherwordliness

When Walt Disney, according to Neal Gabler (WD- The Triumph of the American Imagination, pp 300)said to a reporter,on the occasion of the making of Fantasia "If we quit mentally and artistically, we will begin to die", followed by his often asserting the idea that they needed to outdo themselves, they needed to keep "plussing", makes one think that life for him was a constant overcoming of oneself, that living was the self-consumption of sacrifice; that living was spirit.
That is what I write in my new book "Disneyssence".