Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Disney Reverence



     Like Walt Disney, who had ecology concerns much ahead of his time, the natives preserve nature because they revere it, and not just because of self-interest, like the "civilized" men, who finally realized that, by exhausting it, they will be victims themselves.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disney Light

  It is reported that Walt Disney was an intense person. And he was a workaholic and he was always in the grip of passion.
   Intensity is living on edge: facing the abyss for the cause of depth;
   Intensity is creating: discovering ascension in vertiginous fall
   Intensity is burning: forgetting oneself for the sparkle of inspiration;
   Intensity is  breaking limits: infringing the expected, for the killing repetition;
   Intensity is overcoming rules:  Disobedience for the search of true self;
   Intensity is love: receiving infinitely and giving yet more;
   Intensity is flying: dispensing solidity to establish one's ground;
   Intensity is courage:  finding assertion in surrender itself;
     Intensity is fire: self-consumption for the sake of light.