Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Disney Inspiration

     As always, Walt was the simplest and the most complex, when saying: "When you believe in something, believe it all the way, implicity and unquestionably"

     One cannot "make" oneself believe in this way,
     One cannot simply pick something in which to believe,
     One cannot force oneself to believe in anything,
     One cannot have such fervor just on advice,
For, to believe at all takes intuition,
To believe so strongly requires single mindedness,
To believe unquestionably involves purity,
To believe implicitly (non verbally ) involves integrity, and, finally,
To have all these qualities results from imperative inspiration!

-Disneyssence- (drawing by Eleonora Duvivier)

Disney America

 Walt Disney always acted on ideals,
before any self- profit;
 Walt Disney always look for challenges, 
rather than repeat what was successful;
Walt Disney always in search of outdoing himself, 
and convince others of it;
Walt Disney always asserted that if they didn't grow 
they would begin to die...
Walt Disney imparted a sense of cause, rather than just
That someone so self-sacrificing, 
with such a love of work,
with no shadow of self-sparing, 
and having such an inflexible
faith,  should so gloriously succeed in this country,
 is a proof 
not just of his worth, but of America's.   (Disneyssence)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Disney Encounter

     Disneyland is totally adictive. I thought I was never going back to a Disney park, because of the lines that keep getting bigger, but even if all one cares to do is to hang out on Main St, one is still inside that bubble of fiction that allows one to be in touch with oneself and with one's childhood.... I guess it is because the greatest welcoming one can have from the world is, paradoxically, to be allowed to be with oneself; with one's inner child.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Disney Wisdom

     Walt Disney understood that life was fight and fun, laugh and determination, freedom and leadership, and that reaching fantasy is not an escape, but a victory, an overcoming of reality.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disney Happy Ending

   Fernando Pessoa had the poetic and unabashed optimism to assert: “Everything ends well. If things are not well, it’s because it is not the end yet. “  Along these lines death is  an ending well, and the other world a possible  paradise, which it should be. Not as vague and equation like as Pessoa, Disney had enough innocence to specify this ending- well as the communion of love, faith and fantasy. Since love, faith and fantasy are equally transcendent, a Disney happy ending, like that of Pessoa’s, is beyond chronology: before having or not to happen, it is true in its very conception, self sufficiently true.