Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charismatic Disney

     Leadership is motivating, whereas authority is brainwashing. Leadership serves a cause, authority serves the self. Leadership is altruistic, authority is egoistic; leadership springs from courage, authority from repressed fear. Leadership is self-overcoming; but authority is just self-assertion. Leadership is usurping; authority is stifling. Leadership comes from charisma, authority from imposing, and,while authority is repressive, leadership is inspiring. Authority wants to control, Leadership to excel. Authority is limitation, leadership is mystical. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Natives and Disney

     Why do I love Walt Disney and the Natives? The reasons in common, may be these: they love nature; in their primitivism, they do reach the religious essence; they honor another reality, they see the whole creation permeated with equal life, they identify with animals, they open doors to wonderful worlds.... What else? Disney was reported to not want to make a garden in one of his houses, in order to let nature wild, which he preferred. One more thing: they look at artifice with delight and poetry... Have you seen an Indian at the computer? It's beautiful, he kinds of communes with it, as if diving in the screen, and handles it with respect and familiarity... Like Walt handled technology as well.....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Transcendent Disney

     Through Mickey, Disney expresses full awareness of his own attuning to transcendence, and, in finding a common essence between what lays hidden in every human being and Mickey himself, Disney also gives a beautiful description of innocence. In the article "The Cartoon's contribution to Children", he says of Mickey:
"... we see to it that nothing ever happens that will cure his faith in the transcendent destiny of one Mickey Mouse" and further: " ... the Mickey audience is made up of parts of people, of that deathless, precious, ageless, absolutely primitive remnant of something in every world wracked human being which makes us play with children's toys and laugh without self-consciousness at silly things, sing in bathtubs and dream and believe that our babies are uniquely beautiful. You know... the Mickey in us".

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Disney Soul

Disney made a hero out of the most insignificant, unwanted mammal. But Mickey's real heroism is his becoming a someone, his being feelings and not just lines, personality and not only visual shape. Mickey is the transformation of what was just animated, drawn lines, into heart, of physical movement into emotion: Mickey's real heroism is Disney's assertion of soul.