Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disney Paradise

The world in the animation Walt Disney brought to fruition, is, in one goal, an extension of thought and body, like in the world of toddlerhood, in which both are one, and like in what should be "paradise".

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disney's Whisps of Being

Drawing by Eleonora Duvivier 
Sergei Eiseinstein asserted that Disney seemed to know all about feelings. He reached the essence. He reached that world in which everything is each and each is everything. The one soul of creation, as well as the individuality of each's soul. THe world of Disney is animated not just because it moves, but because, in it, things, sceneries, and beings, in preserving their individual soul, equally partake of the all-encompassing "änima". As if from the dawn of Being, Disney gave shape to his own created beings!


Disney's Essence

Disney's essence is Disney's oneness with creation,
Disney's Nirvana is Disney's surrender to his own heart,
Disney's heart is Disney's absolution,
Disney's absolution is Disney's inspiration,
Disney's inspiration is the Will of God for
(Drawing by Eleonora Duvivier)

Intense Walt Disney

   Walt Disney was reported to be always in the grip of passion. Hegel, the German Philosopher, as much as a rationalist as one could ever be, asserted that great things are always done with passion.  I guess it was through and with passion that Hegel gave rationality a divine status. And of course, it was also through and with passion that Walt Disney gave fantasy the truth of spirit.

 (Sketch of Walt Disney by Eleonora Duvivier)

Disney Birthday

    One of the nice things about being a Disney fan, with friends like one on FB, is that one gets birthday cards and wishes from all the Disney character's family. And when that was such a pungent reality at the beginning of one's childhood, that works like a soothing and healing root throughout one's life, it makes one's birthday, literally and metaphorically "magic". It reverts you to that genuine  part of your being that happens also to be your foundation, as if cradling and reasserting it. I will thus post this lovely mandala that one of these friends made for me!

(image by Mark Vitek)