Thursday, December 24, 2009

Conclusion of A Disney Story

As I thought that, the declaration of the lady in the store, “I love him in this picture” came back to me, as a similar way of feeling. 
     Walt Disney was “hers”, but was also beyond her, just like ….. And it occurred to me, just like Main Street USA and all of Disney’s settings. They all have that peculiar quality of making one feel like being an integral part of and, yet, protective of them.
     Reading the biography I bought led me to all the others that have been written of Disney, as well as to many related books of Disney creation and Disney team,  in something that has turned into a endless trip of fascination and discovery.  In one of those texts, I learned that, for Lady and the Tramp, Walt Disney gave instructions that the view of the little town that the two enamored dogs have from above should be attractive as a place to be in as well as to be looked at, from that distance. Just like I felt in relation to Main Street USA, wanting to be its character and spectator at the same time.
     In fact, Disney creation in general arouses an exchange of warmth with the public; a physical and emotional drive from one, like the wish to touch and a heart concern,  simultaneously. It certainly reflects not just Walt Disney’s personality, in the bounding he had with the physical world of nature, but in his positive view of people and in the interaction he had with his audience.  Just like what was transmitted with:
     “ I love him in this picture!”

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