Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Second Segment of Disney Xmas Story

 “ Should I buy the book or not?” I was still asking myself, when two ladies, seeming to be in their fifties, approached the stand.
    They looked very composed, like two English ladies about to have their five o’clock tea, and were obviously good friends,  sharing the Disney passion. While I was there pathetically indecisive, one of them spotted a reproduction of a photograph that shows young Disney by an entrance, probably of his office, on the side of a wall on which a shadow of Mickey Mouse is projected. A copy of this same picture was imprinted on the cover of the biography I was carrying. 
      The lady picked it up from the stand and, showing it to her friend, said:
     “I love him in this picture!”
    For some reason I didn’t know, I felt, in that moment, as close to her as I would to a best friend.
     She talked with knowledge of cause and the intimate but yet respectful warmth of a mother, who is protective and proud of her son at the same time. It made me guess that she and her friend knew all the photos of Disney available to the public. They probably knew, also, all the facts of his life. What was I waiting for to buy the book?
   Approaching the counter, I purchased it and made my way out of the park. Exhausted, but already nostalgic of the reality I was leaving behind, I, like always, affectionately looked at the buildings of Main Street USA, as if, in my mental good-bye, I could retain something of them inside me. I was wondering about what makes everything in that street feel, more than welcoming, so familiar and yet so revealing, as if  worthy of respect and intimacy at the same time, making you want to play with it, like one plays with one’s favorite, oldest toy,  but also take care of it, like one takes of a little animal, and even beyond: pay homage to it!

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