Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Disney Xmas Story: "I love him in this Picture"

       I will post in three or four segments, a true story I've written of a precious Disney memory that changed my life and helped me finding my real roots and, with them, my identity. Here it goes:

      I was very young then, and, after a full day playing in the rides at WDW, I found myself at a store that sold books, photographs and other Disney merchandise. I must confess that I didn’t know a lot about Walt Disney other than I loved him for everything he brought to fruition, and for a few uplifting declarations of his that I’d seen printed here and there. 
   Biographies are not my favorite gender in literature, but, realizing it was time I learned something about the man who provided so much joy, fantasy, and,  in my particular case and I guess many others, so much healing, I tentatively picked  “Walt Disney- An American Original” by Bob Thomas.  Ashamed to confess it now, I questioned myself, while leafing through,  whether that would be one more book gathering dust on my bedside table, with the many others that endlessly wait to be read,  if I came to pay for it.  Questions such “ Why get it? I don’t like biographies…. Don’t biographers always want to sound as if they know their subject better than the subject himself?” or “When have I managed to finish reading a biography?” or still “What about all the titles I keep trying to make time to read and never do?”
   Holding the book, I perused the store, giving myself more time to make up my mind. On a stand, I discovered several photographs of Walt Disney for sale, and since I didn’t even know very well what Walt looked like when he was young, started to examine them. More than Walt’s stylish, what they call “flashy” way of dressing, I was impressed with how much at ease he was with himself, with his intensely expressive, elegant but, yet, absolutely informal way.  He was certainly able to pull off whatever he put on for being so much himself, for naturally making his outfit an extension of his body and movements. (cont. on next posting)

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