Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Metaphysical Root

By then, Walt Disney “belonged” to every child. It made no difference the fact that the TV series in which he was “uncle Walt” did not go to Brazil, where I lived. Just being able to relate the characters that peopled one’s imagination, that were role models as well as sources of fun, to that one, flesh and blood person, made this person paradoxically intimate and above it all.
There can be no more supportive relationship for humans than such absolute closeness along with distanced gratitude. With the devolution of childhood’s pre-rational freedom through the meaningful and yet physical, the inspiring and yet immediate, pleasure giving power of his cartooning, Walt Disney brought out a root that, beyond universal, is at once metaphysical and visceral in human’s psyche.
(exert from the book "From Mars to Marceline")

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Devanir said...

This is very mystical!!!