Thursday, November 8, 2007

First Time at The Movies

To see, in one’s first time at the movies, fairies and princesses in shape and color, speaking and moving in the primeval and yet artificial reality of the cartoon was a physical and mental delight : one bonded with those images in pleasure , as if they were flesh of one’s flesh, heart of one’s heart. So physically pungent, the combination of fairy fantasy with the Disney cartoon language, like a preordained coincidence, was the awesome turning of the real- from that which merely is- into what must be. The feeling of magic it transmitted mixed a sense of relief and justice. “At last!” Is what I told myself, when I was five, without realizing it.

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Ivna said...

I was thinking that what you call a "pre ordained" coincidence, like some sort of magic, must have happened in the combination of Walt Disney with his team in order to produce what they did. I've just read Thomas and Johnston book on Disney animation and the way they explain how their wonderful results were achieved, well explained as it is, does not rule out the "magic" of so much harmony in the final result. Way to go!