Monday, November 19, 2007

Life as Generosity

In "Mary Poppins", the dance of the chimney sweepers expresses fun and humor through regimentation; moral and yet poetic messages: only a bird or a chimney sweeper is capable of seeing the beautiful view from above the rooftops of London. In the same sense, to feed the birds, before being a moral, “serious” gesture, is one of freedom. Feed that which is winged, innocent and bright, that which flies regardless of one’s “tuppence” worth feeding.
Feeding the birds does more good to one’s own soul than to them, it elevates one above the roofs of London and the exactness of money figures. Just like Walt Disney’s ongoing quest of elevating fantasy and fun above the “exactness” of survival.
It corresponds to the receptivity of life as generosity and not just as accountability. Life as something to create with, rather than pay for.

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Lainey Schallock said...

Eleonora - This is a lovely and uplifting post. I think it's interesting that you posted about Mary Poppins today and I've had some coincidental mentions about Mary Poppins ongoing all day. It msut be one of those days! :)