Friday, September 11, 2009

Individualist Walt Disney

Not that I ever believed that Walt was a racist, or a mysogenist, or anything of the kind. But it is still beautiful to confirm that against and above any such classifications; beyond gender, age, color, race and class, Walt Disney was an individualist.
Besides telling the amazing story of the Sherman Brother's partnership, the movie "The Boys", that I just watched at the D23 Big Expo- an excellent, passionate movie, by the way- made me conclude that Walt's individualism was his incredible perception and appreciation of talent. Talent is the strongest seal of an individual, for, even if more than one person have talent for the same thing, it is still totally different the way it will be expressed by each. Talent is the quintessence of individuality, it is not just what will make someone so special, but what will make that person so much him/herself. It is the highest form of individuation. The movie "The Boys" shows how Dick and Bob Sherman could not get on as persons, but were in total communion when it came to their creative partnership. It also tells how Walt fostered that partnership and how the brothers, being so different from each other and, in so many things at odds, loved Walt personally. It shows the amazing power of Disney to make people overcome all the contingent labels of individuality (temperament, personal tendencies and tastes, way of reacting) to reach the real, genuine, most profound expression of it: creativity. It showed the power of Disney to make people overcome themselves.

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