Friday, September 4, 2009

Disney Miracle

When I first saw Mary Poppins, I felt blessed with the most reassuring, magic and dazzling revelation: the total entering of real people into the animated world. But no matter how fantastic, this revelation felt, yet, like something already expected. It even felt like something I could take for granted, despite knowing it would not happen in the real world.
That flesh and blood people, becoming part of a story, could also become part of the animated world was Disney coming full circle from Alice in Cartoonland. It expressed the Disney essence in its core. An essence that is akin to miracle in its power to be viscerally familiar- like an otherworldly reminiscence- and, yet, endless awe. For, what is miracle if not the revelation of the most secretly taken for granted reality? A glimpse of the promised paradise?
A Disney miracle reconciles the reassurance of visceral familiarity with the wonder of awe-striking novelty. Walt Disney touched the universal heart because he, angel like, gave us what we didn't know we'd been so fully expecting.

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