Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Disney Essence

Continuing my reflection about "The Evolution of Mickey", one could see, in all the stages of the Mouse, he was always Mickey. That made me remember what I said in "From Mars to Marceline", about making progress and preserving essence. If with progress, essence is destroyed, the whole edifice will collapse. In this case, there is something that was always kept throughout Mickey's transformations, something that made him remain Mickey.
Among other qualities, Disney, in the same way he was said to have one foot in the past and the other in the future, had the power to preserve identity in constant mutability. There is something, other than quality, that makes "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White", in their totally different styles, be, yet, Disney. Some would probably say it is the "Disney Touch", but that is the same as to say it is pixel fairy dust: Is there anything more undefinable than the "Disney Touch"?
It may be more revealing to say it has to do with Walt's integrity: at the same time Walt Disney was constant self-reinvention, he was always himself.
Integrity is some sort of faithfulness to that which is always there, incorruptible by the constant distortion, deterioration and de-characterization that results from the chain of mutability.

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