Friday, September 12, 2008

Giving Life

In joining extremes, the spontaneity Disney handled fake and real alike, animals and robots, nature and technology, suggests his genius for animation as a compulsive giving of life. Only with such generosity, creativity can be so indiscriminate as to render artifice and nature spontaneous extensions of each other.

The faithfulness of Disney to the primitive, sensorial element is also his faithfulness to himself, to that original and therefore unquestionable part of oneself that, simultaneously, answers to body and to heart. A rediscovering of origin that, as the coming of a full circle, is mystical. It relates to Disney’s reaching an abstract dimension of matter through matter itself, that is,his reaching fantasy through visual expression in animation and through multi-sensory experience in Disneyland.


BruU said...

vamos pra Alemanha amanhã. Eu acabo de chegar a Paris. Aluguei um carro, o dia está lindo. A gente viaja até dia 27 e depois voltamos pra cá. VOu fazer dois shows.

Anonymous said...
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