Saturday, September 27, 2008

Disney Dynamism

The constant motion of the image above tries to pay homage to Walt Disney's ongoing creativity.It alludes to Disney's impersonating, giving of life and giving of identity. Disney and nature are reflexes of each other. He is in the heart of life. In continuous generosity.
When Walt Disney merged participation with spectatorship in Disneyland, participation meant physical presence, along with visual appreciation, or with contemplation. Disney classical rides extended audience's participation to action. Since 2003, with Mission: Space, Walt Disney World has been offering an unprecedented harmony between movement and wonder. In the ride Mission: Space, at WDW, participation encompasses emotion, visceral feeling and the pure mind sense of liberation. More than any other interaction, such exchange, involving not just concentration, but compliance and surrender, is a purgative, upgrading exchange with artifice. Unprecedented as it is though, it obliges Walt Disney's typical reaching for and granting the experience of awe. It also obliges Disney's wedding of extremes that are apparently irreconcilable: the feeling of glory through guts and sight, that is, through physical dynamism and aesthetic appreciation. (The second paragraph is from the book "From Mars to Marceline")

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