Sunday, August 31, 2008

Man on Wire: A Disneyesque Tour de Force

When Phillippe Petit indignantly answered the police: "there is no why I did this, that is the beauty of it, there is no why!" He was, more than right, an inspiration. What he did had no reason and no function, it was JUST beautiful!
Functionality is generally profane to the poetic eye. It concerns finitude’s compromising of integrity: something is functional because it is pledged to perform a task in a moment ahead of itself: because of its enslavement.
What Phillippe Petit did was pure freedom: he transgressed the law, he even transgressed the security of the Twin Towers to make them magic, giving people a leap of sheer, non utilitarian, beauty.Transgressing the law for pure beauty is the turning of reality into magic. The spirit of it is expressed by Walt Disney's saying:
"It is kind of fun to do the impossible".

Petit, going against all circumstances, security and law, rendered the towers immortal, not in sorrow, like the lowest of blows did, but in beauty. In lightness and joy. Watching him makes one think there is hope, good is yet to prevail, as it already prevailed in heaven, for those who were murdered in the towers. Watching Petit makes one reminisce of a justice that, winged and miraculous, does exist, and will take place.

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