Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Walt Disney's Birthday 5th of December

Today is Walt Disney's Birthday. He was a creator and was at one with creation.
Disney’s histrionic quality, as a capacity to go beyond the limits of individual life so as to live, characterize and distinguish “other lives” by impersonation, showed its power of overcoming the original confinement of life into differentiation by conversely merging, identifying, or synchronizing separate lives into one, all pervading harmony. In him, differentiating and identifying, separating and merging, the two polar opposites of creation, were married. The cartoon Walt Disney reportedly drew himself to criticize the condition of Kansas City’s streets, in featuring the false teeth of a father and a mother dancing together on the pavement is an early example of Disney’s insistence on spreading life to animate and inanimate being alike, as if everything were one and one were everything. While Disney’s emphasis on personality works for differentiation, the morphing of things into entirely different “other things”- like that of the stars, in Winken Blyinken and Nod, into affectionate playing fishes- works for the identifying and merging of separate lives.

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