Monday, December 31, 2007

A Giving of Life: Happy New Year!

Photographs in this hotel across the street from Disneyland show Walt Disney involved with the construction of the park. Supervising and playing at the same time, “making believe” and being in full control. In one of the pictures, he is taunting a fake lion. He had the pre requisite children have to “make believe”, that is, innocence. But children do not need to respect budgets, or to make shapes and different materials fit into exact measures. He did. Children “make believe” with imagination. They “animate” in their inner world, in subjectivity. That is what is called playing. Walt Disney, in playing, was carried by fantasy and yet utmost serious. Objective, that is. Giving life in dream and in matter. Giving life by all means. Making drawings and three dimensional figures move, he turned technology into a giving of life that is enjoyable and perceptible to grown ups. Into sheer generosity.

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