Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I hope we don't loose Sight of a Man....

Walt Disney, after visitation time, arrives at the hospital where his brother Roy recovers from a relapse of TB. Walt climbs in and begs his brother to go into business with him, vehemently showing the letter in which Margaret Winkler offers him a deal for the Alice series. Roy leaves the hospital, to never suffer from TB again. If this isn't short of a miracle, it is because it is already miracle. Alternated with this scene, Roy, years later, appears answering why he devoted his life to help his brother. He says Walt was irresistible and one simply wanted to help him. What must have been irresistible was Walt's intensity and passion. Roy had genius to risk his health and life, in order to help Walt. He obviously bonded with Walt's geniality. It takes one to know .

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