Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disney in Brazil

I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, until Wednesday. I've been introduced to Leandro Hassum, a great TV and theater comedian, and, above it all, a Disney geek. He's been to Disney world dozens of times and is planning to take a group there, calling the program "In Disney with uncle Montenaro" the uncle being himself.
Disney is present everywhere in this country. Other than Disney magic, I guess it offers the softness of industrialized primitiveness, in the fundamental physicality and animal nature of Disney creations, to a place in which primitiveness is roughness, immediacy and irregularity. Like with Walt Disney himself, Disney creations bridge the elemental and the artificial, granting a childlike, dreamy, affectionately physical, and yet civilized way of reverting to that which is immediate and instinctive. Only here I finally found a small plastic Thumper, a character that, as old as he is, was never surpassed i insofar as cuteness and power of arousing maternal affection.

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