Saturday, June 13, 2009

Walt Disney : King and Little Prince

When Walt was asked why he did not try to get into politics, he answered wisely: Why would he want to be the Governor of California, or even the President of the country, if he was already the king of Disneyland?
Disneyland is much smaller in size than California, let alone than the United States. The Little Prince was king of his planet, so small that he could watch the sunset many times a day by just moving his point of observation. It was great in imagination and in contemplation. It was also great in love: The Little Prince had a rose that he tended too and that captivated him. It was also great in beauty: How can anything be more beautiful than a rose, or a sunset?
Disneyland, specially in what it meant for Walt Disney, was great both in love and in beauty. Small as it is, in comparison to the state of California or to the US as a whole, it is endless in its symbolic value, in its power of materializing fantasy, and in love.
Walt Disney was the king of Disneyland, but, in his purity and single-mindedness, he was also the Little Prince.