Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Disney Cuteness: "What A Guy!"

In the special features of the DVD "Walt- The Man Behind The Myth", Virginia Davis talks about her being directed by young Walt Disney for the first Alice, when she was a little girl. She describes the genuine delight of a small child in such experience and, in a pure, Minnie Mouse, girlish girl kind of way confesses Walt was her first love. The delicious part: Davis reaches the same conclusion, however innocently, dreamy and lady like, that provocative Peg, when referring to the Tramp, in Lady and the Tramp, seductively voices, as she dances away: What a dog!
Other than the radical divergence of attitude and intention between the two "girls", there is also one little difference, that doesn't affect, however, the wise content of their declarations: Peg's "What a dog!", in Davis' compliment of Walt, becomes:
" What a guy!"
It is (almost unbearably) cute!
Virginia Davis, no doubt, preserved, over all the years that passed since she acted for Walt, the Disney touch.

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