Friday, March 27, 2009

Disney Bliss

For those who were born in the middle decades of the last century,(among them, the two kids shown in the picture, my sister Eduarda and my brother Edgar, whose Birthday is today)a search of Disney is also a search of oneself. That first moment of acquaintance with Disney fantasy, at an age when one was accessible, unprejudiced, and totally disarmed, was a moment of, more than happiness, awe, and also of healing. Awe, in itself, has a quality of spiritual healing. The Disney aficionados that made Walt Disney their personal hero concern, in great part , people that are grateful enough to recognize the real value of what felt miraculous: their literal seeing of fantasy; its communion with livingness. Their search of Disney has to do with the constant wish to resurrect that moment, as if resurrecting the best of themselves. Their search of Disney concerns their faithfulness to happiness and to innocence, simultaneously.

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