Thursday, October 11, 2007

Transcendental Disney

Could the ride Mission Space Mars, at Epcot, be the ideal synthesis of the organic, guttural element in human nature, with a paroxysm of artifice?
Does the union of such extremes afford a paradise like identification of polarities?
Does it allow a glimpse into the real nature of pleasure, as bodily experience and yet liberation from body?
Could it really beg the question of whether artifice can ultimately be spiritual, in granting the experience of glory?
Is simulation blessedly invasive, in making the participation of your viscera as fundamental as what it imposes on you visually?
(From the book "From Mars to Marceline)
I came out of such ride with shaky legs and a dazzled mind: Mission Space Mars grants you the feeling of spiritual ascendancy, through guts and sight.
Isn't it very much in line with Disney, to conceive the experience of glory as artificial, fleshly and organically induced by technology?

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wendy said...

"This sounds wonderfully overwhelming... In what sense? I don't know..."