Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Golden Age Disney's Healing

The Golden Age Disney’s Healing

As a small child, confronted with the big screen for the first time, I experienced,much beyond fun, an unknown kind of relief. The feature film on display was one of Walt Disney’s classical fairy tales.
Today I realize that the healing granted by Disney had a psychological as well as a metaphysical aspect. Psychologically, the plot of the story, with its message of effort, discipline and integrity to one’s action, with the pleasure granted by the images’ colors, sweetness, humor and entertainment fulfilled, respectively, a paternal and maternal support. The movie “told” you to buck up at the same time it made you feel good. It granted command and pleasure, inspiring authority not just by its message of discipline and integrity, but by the exactness of its lines’ response to story development, and at the same time organic spontaneity by the freedom of its multicolor, morphing physicality.
On the metaphysical level, that overwhelming movie screen transmitted, in all colors of the rainbow, something more intense, and therefore more convincing than any after life conception of paradise. The Disney cartoon altered the world of the physical but, remaining, yet, an illusion of life, kept a livingness that was filtered from everything contingent to its fantasized story development. The life it is an illusion of becomes, therefore, a “screened” life, a life that is required for or a life that must be.
A life derived from or equal to meaning.
(excerpt from the book "From Mars to Marceline")

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