Sunday, December 15, 2013

Disney Take Off

The Innocence, surprise, cuteness and daring of this "Disney Kiss" makes it the most endearing of "Hollywood" kisses. In the Twenties, when screen kisses were shocking for many people, those who are incapable of seeing innocence, most likely, criticized Walt for Mickey's wanting to steal a kiss from Minnie in Plane Crazy. As always, Walt stood his ground. What Mickey managed, in the short, does not show so much detail, but cornering Minnie all the same, both are equally pure. 
The day before he died, Walt "drew" on the ceiling of his hospital bed, the map of whathe planned for Epcot. He died in passion, just as he lived his life in the grip of passion. Like this kiss, Walt Disney was the innocent drive of passion; its hunger and its search. 
In living as well as in dying, Walt was in an always ascending, pioneering airplane....

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