Sunday, October 3, 2010

Disney Devotion

 Devotion is part of charisma, and it is also a mystery of the heart. It is a link with some sort of transcendent certainty. According to Ward Kimball, Walt believed "devoutly" in his cartoons and could, therefore, convince the bankers to invest in them. Faithfulness to oneself is, paradoxically,  faithfulness to what is beyond oneself. In being so much himself, Walt Disney was also the universal heart of his public.


pt said...

This is the strangest blog I've come across yet! A devotional series of hymns praising the glory of Walt Disney! Do you work for Disney?

Anonymous said...

The problem nowadays is that love tends to be confused with paid work. I do not "work" for Disney, I just love Walt Disney. Hope I've clarified your question.