Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disney Reconciliation

   Two days after returning from Brazil, where we had an amazing experience with the Brazilian Indians, I had to go to the Mac store, to fix a problem with my phone. As if it weren't hard enough the jet lag, the extreme change of whether, and almost as extreme change of culture, the iPhone was letting me down. I was obviously feeling in a limbo, and as I walked into that sanctuary of the computer world, going under that logo, the apple in which, no matter how bitten, is so totally precise, I saw myself, almost literally, like an Indian out of the jungle. 
    As one of the staff member explained to me the new features of the iPhone and the connectedness it allows one and one's friends and whoever else one wants to be in, I couldn't help comparing such connectedness with the connectedness one I felt in the Indian Sacred Ceremony. 
     Technology, no doubt, makes the world all connected through the exact processes of electronics. 
     The Indian Ceremony makes one feel the connectedness of being part of a higher, transcendental love, in which one is everything and everything is one. I thought that these two  instances of being netted to one's fellow men, to places and to the world are extreme opposites. 
    With animation, in which everything shares the same mood and everything communicates, and likewise with Disneyland, Walt Disney reconciled the connectedness of technology, which is that of control, and the connectedness of love, which is that of awe; or letting go.  
    What else can one expect?

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