Monday, May 11, 2009

The Perfect American

This is a late comment on "The Perfect American" being made into an opera. The book is totally about Walt Disney and the obvious passion he arose, being the charismatic leader that he was. With passion, there are always hurt feelings. The fictional animator who supposedly tells the story in "The Perfect American" is only an excuse to stir repressed male homosexuality, by his self-depiction down the line naked, bloody and with an erection before Walt Disney. By mixing real facts with fiction, the writer gets away with an utterly tabloid imagination, aimed at stirring and making money with the low feelings of those who are threatened by the fact that Disney, being only a man, accomplished so much. Disney is depicted as a sexually averse, square, highly neurotic and unforgiving person, an evident expansion on Marc Eliot's interpretation of his.It is totally shocking that the famous "litigiousness" of the Walt Disney co has not found a way to sue the German writer for defamation of character. For, with the word "fictionalized", the writer invents dialogues and facts to transmit a version of Disney that has the efficiency of any low blow: the efficiency of growing, like bacteria, on the weakness, jealousy and threatened vanity of others, becoming therefore believable to them. What a shame!
Someone commented on Robert Frost's article that like Lincoln, Disney became mythologized but that should not be a reason for his not being used in the way The Perfect American did. Try to use Lincoln that way and see if the American people, rightfully so, will not throw up with the abasement of that which, for them, symbolizes the good.