Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Disney Predestination

Disney seemed to have shown, on more than one occasion, a sense
of predestination, of being endowed with a mission, so to speak. The
way he left Kansas City to Hollywood (according to reports and to
his own declarations in movie clips) having just bankrupted, but, yet,
giving himself the right to travel first class is one instance. Besides,
he was a storyteller who impersonated stories. Th e line of action and
events of a story can be anything but gratuitous. On the contrary, its
inexorability parallels the mystical. Th ose who live it and tell it are
mystically motivated and giving. Those who are told it are mystically
comforted and inspired. The love of storytelling and that of stage merge,
in the identifying of mere action to role, personality to character-
fulfillment, and, finally, of life to meaningfulness. It is extended to
everyday life in the thematic experience. Th e strength and appeal of
themes in human behavior goes from everyday events- like dressing in
accordance with the characters of a movie or play one goes to watch-
to creating thematic parties and, even further, to world traveling to thematic parks.

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