Sunday, January 25, 2009

Disney Healing

The healing given by Disney had a psychological and a metaphysical aspect. For having authority, for being commanding, Sleeping Beauty granted support in a paternal way. For being sweet and entertaining, it was also soothing and maternally supporting. Besides, the plot of the story, with its message of effort and integrity to one’s action, had a subtle disciplinarian role, while the pleasure granted by the images’ beauty, movement and humor welcomed you, like mother’s pure love. In a few words, the movie “told” you to buck up at the same time it made you feel good, justified and accepted. It granted command and pleasure. It told you the way and simultaneously inspired utter freedom.


...! said...

I only found your blog today, and I would like to understand it better... is this blog about you, your life, along with the fact that you wrote a book about Walt Disney and also about the fact that you like and is intrigued about Disney and his creations?! Am I right?

Anonymous said...

My blog is a search, a humble search of Disney. My book is also a search of Disney. And my life is also a search of Disney, even with everything that is not particularly Disney in it. Why? or How come? you could ask. It is because for those like me, that love fantasy and love life and love still more the combination of life and fantasy, a search of Disney is a search of oneself.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to say that my blog, or this search, is also a way to keep going the living interaction Walt Disney had with his audience. By "living", I mean, an interaction that also involves one's life: one's first hand experience- free from scholarship and academic knowledge- with Disney creations.

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