Monday, December 15, 2008

Absolute Giver

It seems to me that there are roughly two opposite ways of interpreting Walt Disney: either as someone who was controlling and, to a vast extent, able to manipulate the audience’s psyche, or someone who was driven to transmit the liberation of his own passion. The first case concerns a Disney that practically schemes to please people, and the second, someone who is, before anything else, measuring up to and carried away by himself. To put it in even rougher terms, the first case concerns a taker, or, at best, a trader, and the second, a giver. Considering Walt Disney an absolute giver, I wanted, in my text, to preserve the immediacy of passion, the distance of reflection, and the puerility of homage- paying. If this is ambitions, the reason is humble: I don't believe anything can be complete without the author's personal involvement with it.

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