Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disney's Wisdom

I think that Walt Disney's wisdom was his brave nakedness before life, his being as disarmed and opened to it as those who are in a state of grace. A state of grace is when instincts and innocence become wisdom.
Curiously, Disney’s nakedness before life also marks Snow White’s behavior as a state of grace: Having just escaped slaughter by the hunter and forlornness in the forest, she is yet trusting. She asks the little birds what they do when there is a problem. Singing with them she, from then on, entrusts her fate to all the surrounding animals, to life, that is.
Ready to live in constant discovery Walt Disney worked, after all, with the most unpredictable element: the variations of individuality. As if in constant interaction with life and with heart, he was malleable enough to make the best out of difference and change, unifying the diversity of all the talents he worked with into the style of a team that was, at the same time, in constant progress. He thus gave unity to dynamics and identity to difference.

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