Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Save Mr. Disney"

Here goes a beautiful, poetic personal story a friend, David Foose wrote and allowed me to publish. It is this type of text that should be the honest and deep example for everyone to search Disney inside: 
   "When I was young, I remember telling my father that we should tear down the world and let Walt Disney rebuild it. For me Walt represented the force in the universe that has the best ideas and carries them out in the most interestingly creative ways. In my young mind, Walt couldn't be stopped. And his power came from his optimism, his imagination and his perseverance. His power was real because his creations were real. Walt was never about pie in the sky. Walt was about making the impossible possible, actually doing it.  Could there be a better role model for a young mind? And as I grew, I saw that my impression of Walt was not childish but correct. Yes, the quality of Walt being an eternal source of inspiration, curiosity and interpretation is what has to be saved.


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Anonymous said...

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